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182 Square Foot Apartment Design


Here is an ingenious organization and optimization of space in rooms by Steve Sauer at Seattle. An adjustment of furniture and all of  the housing to only 16 squared meters. An excellent example of revolutionary apartment design that is bringing a new philosophy (probably brought by Japan architecture paradigm) of space and resource conservation in Western Architecture.

smallest apartment ever 01 in 182 Square Foot Apartment Design

smallest apartment ever 02 in 182 Square Foot Apartment Design

smallest apartment ever 03 in 182 Square Foot Apartment Design

smallest apartment ever 04 in 182 Square Foot Apartment Design

Beauty Is Skin Deep In Illustration Art


Is beauty really skin deep? If advertising is to be believed, then it is for women.

The modern woman is pictured as a ‘superwoman’ who can whip up a great quiche and balance the checkbook while she manages her husband, kids, full-time job, 24-hour bra, hair, make-up, weight and nails.

Her image is pristine and her legacy is burning the candle at both ends. An ideal image that’s impossible to live up to.

a1 267x300 in Beauty Is Skin Deep In Illustration ArtYou don’t have to look far in advertising to see it. Illustration art is great study in popular culture role-playing.

Jump back a few decades. During the 1930s depression years, women were portrayed in the home. In the early-1940 war years, they were champions of the assembly line. After the war, they were expected to retreat to the kitchen. Nowadays, women are everywhere and probably dog-tired.

Cultural appetites show up straight away in advertising illustrations. The illustrator, McClelland Barclay, is a good example. Before World War II, Barclay was known for his flair in painting stunningly beautiful women.

His long-limbed, rosy-cheeked, fashionably dressed beauties strolled down streets and lined cocktail bars in 1930s advertising campaigns and magazine covers such as The Saturday Evening Post and Pictorial Review.

When you look at his work, his ability to capture momentary beauty is undeniable. You almost expect the women in his advertisements to speak. They’re that lifelike.

So You Want To Become An Architect?


Career as an architect may be suitable for you in case you are interested in architecture and/or engineering. The beautiful buildings that are part of your life have been designed, created and constructed by Architects. It a long journey of education to become an architect but it is worth the effort. The Architect requires a lot of technical knowledge apart from being creative and imaginative.

iStock 2333358 in So You Want To Become An Architect?Most people do not rush into architecture after completing high school. This is a career, which is hardly considered by many teenagers when planning their future. You require a great deal of training to become an architect. It requires you to undergo five years of training program before you can practice architecture in the United States.

Many people find that after doing an engineering degree, and working as a civil engineer for several years, that they would like to do something more creative. You can usually branch off from your existing education but you should check with each individual school to see what their requirements are. Take the time to talk to a counselor before making a final decision.

Dancers Among Us: Photo Collection by Jordan Matter


Dancers Among Us is a collection of NYC dance photographs featuring members of the Paul Taylor, Mark Morris and Martha Graham Dance Companies. This is an ongoing project that began in the spring of 2009. There were no trampolines or other devices used for these images, just thousands of hours of training!

dancers among us 14 in Dancers Among Us: Photo Collection by Jordan MatterIf some cool photos would ever make you jump up out of joy than Dancers Among Us taken by Jordan Matter photo series will be able to do just that.

Jordan explained the inspiration behind this series:

“The idea for this body of work came during a performance by the Paul Taylor Dance Company. I was inspired by the dancers’ stunning combination of artistry and athleticism. Their commitment obviously extends beyond the rehearsals and performances- it is a way of life. I began to photograph these dancers as everyday people. In the photographs they are away from the stage, yet they cannot leave dance behind. As they go about their daily routines, they do so as dancers. This speaks to the power of a passionate life; if you’re fully invested in something, it is always with you.”

He continues to discuss deeper meanings of Dancers Among Us photo project:

“I wondered about the impact of the recession on people’s identities. If a woman loses her job, does she lose a part of her identity as well? Who is the journalist, if he is no longer employed to write? Who is the chef without a kitchen?

The most popular anime shows


Anime has become a popular form of entertainment media among children and adults: Berserk, Bleach, Claymore, Naruto, just to name a few. animemafiare5 300x214 in The most popular anime shows

Most often, these programs are based on the popular anime manga series that has been in publication for a long time. Here’s a look at the most popular anime shows:

Paper Craft: Creative Outlet


Paper craft is an easy yet satisfying hobby as you can make all kinds of different things with paper. And unlike many hobbies, these things can be put to practical use that will actually save you money. Making such things and wedding invitations and place cards can save a great deal on the cost of a wedding and add a special touch to a time that will be remembered for many years.

small 300x210 in Paper Craft: Creative OutletCard making is also fun and easy enough for even the children to participate in. Once your children go out into the world of school they will have many friends – and friends mean birthday parties. For each birthday party a gift and a card must be purchased, but if the birthday cards can be made at home, the cost can be greatly reduced.

Card making can be done digitally too, making it even more professional. Wrapping paper can also add to the cost of gifts, but anyone who indulges in paper crafts will be able to find very inexpensive and unusual ways to wrap gifts. Such gifts are well received as the wrapping adds an important element to the gift.

Many people love to take their photographs and many souvenirs to use in scrapbooking. Scrapbooking can be as simple or as complicated as you wish, but when you are first starting out on your scrapbooking adventure simplicity is the key. Photographs are an important part of scrapbooking, but purchased stickers and other decorations can enhance the page

How to draw caricatures


The rule for caricature drawing is that there is no rule. Caricature drawing stands on two pillars namely observation and analysis. The first step of caricature drawing is to select a subject. It could vary from your family members to your neighbor or from your pet to a small rodent. Any thing and everything can become a subject for caricature drawing for the mater of fact. Caricature drawing is all about having fun exaggerating the distinct features of the chosen subject.

header 238x300 in How to draw caricaturesEasy steps on how to draw caricatures

Caricature drawing shows best results when done without aiming for perfection. Mistakes made while drawing usually add life to your sketch so you need not be scared about making mistakes.

If you are a beginner then you can follow the simple steps written underneath. They will help you enter the world of caricature drawing. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to follow all the mentioned steps. I would say follow your heart and let your pencil slide on the paper.

Steps of caricature drawing

• The first step in caricature drawing is to find a subject that interests you.
• Observe and perform an over all analysis of the subject to determine the distinct characteristics.
• The next step in the journey of how to draw caricatures is to select the tools of the business. By this I am referring to the sheet and pencil or pen.
• Now you need to make a choice that whether your caricature shall have a large body or a large head. Only one of the two can be made huge