Dancers Among Us: Photo Collection by Jordan Matter

Dancers Among Us is a collection of NYC dance photographs featuring members of the Paul Taylor, Mark Morris and Martha Graham Dance Companies. This is an ongoing project that began in the spring of 2009. There were no trampolines or other devices used for these images, just thousands of hours of training!

dancers among us 14 in Dancers Among Us: Photo Collection by Jordan MatterIf some cool photos would ever make you jump up out of joy than Dancers Among Us taken by Jordan Matter photo series will be able to do just that.

Jordan explained the inspiration behind this series:

“The idea for this body of work came during a performance by the Paul Taylor Dance Company. I was inspired by the dancers’ stunning combination of artistry and athleticism. Their commitment obviously extends beyond the rehearsals and performances- it is a way of life. I began to photograph these dancers as everyday people. In the photographs they are away from the stage, yet they cannot leave dance behind. As they go about their daily routines, they do so as dancers. This speaks to the power of a passionate life; if you’re fully invested in something, it is always with you.”

He continues to discuss deeper meanings of Dancers Among Us photo project:

“I wondered about the impact of the recession on people’s identities. If a woman loses her job, does she lose a part of her identity as well? Who is the journalist, if he is no longer employed to write? Who is the chef without a kitchen? Is our identity formed by our passion, or our employment? I believe in the strength of a life’s mission. If you dedicate yourself to a career that inspires and excites you, this commitment will be your foundation. As these dancers ride the subway, go to a baseball game or cross the street, they remain dancers; it is their lifeblood.”

Find out more and see the rest of this photo show at photographer’s official website.

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