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7 Unbelievable 3D Murals Painted on Buildings


The incredibly real looking scenes are actually huge works of art – 3D Murals, painted on the side of perfectly intact buildings. The paintings, which have fooled many, were created by John Pugh, urban artist who specialists in  ‘trick of the eye’ – artworks.

Beauty Is Skin Deep In Illustration Art


Is beauty really skin deep? If advertising is to be believed, then it is for women. The modern woman is pictured as a ‘superwoman’ who can whip up a great quiche and balance the checkbook while she manages her husband, kids, full-time job, 24-hour bra, hair, make-up, weight and nails. Her image is pristine and […]

Paper Craft: Creative Outlet


Paper craft is an easy yet satisfying hobby as you can make all kinds of different things with paper. And unlike many hobbies, these things can be put to practical use that will actually save you money. Making such things and wedding invitations and place cards can save a great deal on the cost of […]

How to draw caricatures


The rule for caricature drawing is that there is no rule. Caricature drawing stands on two pillars namely observation and analysis. The first step of caricature drawing is to select a subject. It could vary from your family members to your neighbor or from your pet to a small rodent. Any thing and everything can […]