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7 Unbelievable 3D Murals Painted on Buildings


The incredibly real looking scenes are actually huge works of art – 3D Murals, painted on the side of perfectly intact buildings. The paintings, which have fooled many, were created by John Pugh, urban artist who specialists in  ‘trick of the eye’ – artworks.

182 Square Foot Apartment Design


Here is an ingenious organization and optimization of space in rooms by Steve Sauer at Seattle. An adjustment of furniture and all of  the housing to only 16 squared meters. An excellent example of revolutionary apartment design that is bringing a new philosophy (probably brought by Japan architecture paradigm) of space and resource conservation in […]

So You Want To Become An Architect?


Career as an architect may be suitable for you in case you are interested in architecture and/or engineering. The beautiful buildings that are part of your life have been designed, created and constructed by Architects. It a long journey of education to become an architect but it is worth the effort. The Architect requires a […]